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by | February 09, 2017 | 00:42

Denise's lawyer Mr Mitchell said that following the 2012 High Court ruling in the Brewster case, local government pensions schemes in England, Wales and Scotland removed the nomination form requirement, although this was not retrospective. Mr McMullan had not nominated Ms Brewster so she was not automatically entitled to a "survivor's pension". Today's ruling could mean that other public sector schemes could change their rules so unmarried couples automatically benefit from survivor's ...

by | February 08, 2017 | 00:46

The housing shortage in England can be resolved without building on "large tracts" of green belt land, a minister has said as the Government prepared to set out its plans for a million new homes by 2020. The unlikelihood of the Housing White Paper's capacity to achieve the goal of providing more truly affordable housing is emerging before publication.

by | February 07, 2017 | 01:18

UNAMA attributes the vulnerability of children to unexploded ordinance to the fact that many children living in contested areas have never received mine-risk education. Of the pro-government forces, global forces such as the United States accounted for 2 percent of the casualties. The report stated over half - 53 percent - of civilian casualties caused by Pro-Government Forces, mainly ANSF, to the use of indirect and/or explosive weapons during ground engagements, mainly mortars and ...

by | February 07, 2017 | 01:13

During its last trading session, Stock traded with the total exchanged volume of 4.7 million shares. On 08/03/2016, the stock reported the EPS of $0.38 where Analysts were projecting the EPS to be $0.37 showing a difference of $0.01. Earnings is just around the corner for Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. The Company has 1833.53 million shares outstanding and 1468.92 million shares were floated in market.

by | February 06, 2017 | 01:11

Another was raped by soldiers and saw her five-year-old daughter killed. "I did speak to Aung San Suu Kyi about an hour and a half ago". UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said in a statement the report indicates "very likely commission of crimes against humanity ".

by | February 05, 2017 | 01:44

Demonstrators took the campus by storm. "They put this on in an effort to show there's no free speech on a college campus like UC Berkeley?". Reich is clearly projecting; weaving a tale about evil, white supremacists who were generously given a forum at Berkeley to air their venal views because Berkeley is the sacred birthplace of the Free Speech Movement .

by | February 03, 2017 | 00:52

A fiery statement from Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, marked some of the most aggressive rhetoric by the administration that took office on January 20, making clear that Obama's less confrontational approach toward Iran was over.

by | February 03, 2017 | 00:53

Former US President Barack Obama came to the United Kingdom for a state visit after serving 28 months in office, while his predecessor George W. Bush waited 32 months for the state visit. The U.K. Parliament will consider this petition for a debate, because it has surpassed the threshold of 100,000 signatures . "Donald Trump's well-documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales", the petition reads.

by | February 02, 2017 | 00:48

While waiting to see the doctor, Glawe alleviated the boredom by taking a few pictures of herself with Bart stuck through her ear, and posted it on Facebook, where it was soon shared hundreds of times. First, the fire department came but had no luck removing the snake. On Jan. 23, an OR woman ended up in the emergency room with a snake stuck in her pierced earlobe.

by | February 02, 2017 | 00:42

Stewart's sister said there's a concern her brother lost consciousness as well. CBC reports 37-year-old Rob Stewart was filming at the site of a shipwreck for a sequel to his 2006 documentary Sharkwater on Tuesday evening. A global wildlife photographer, Stewart has devoted his career to warning the world about threats facing sharks, other ocean life and humanity in general.

by | January 31, 2017 | 00:52

Highlighting personal bonding and camaraderie, the scions of Congress and Samajwadi Party showcased themselves as the two wheels of a bicycle. The letter sent to the prime minister earlier this week cited the Election Commission directive on January 23 asking the Central government not to announce any specific scheme for the five states going to polls in keeping with the model code of conduct.

by | January 31, 2017 | 00:49

Iran defense minister Brigadier Gen. Hossein Dehqan said in September that Iran would start production of the missile. "Iran has once again defied Security Council resolutions and revealed its true intentions", Ambassador Danny Danon said in a statement.

by | January 30, 2017 | 01:00

The 49-year-old Hamon, a surprise victor in the primary's first round last weekend, was one of those party members who rebelled against what he saw as a drift to the right under Valls and President Francois Hollande, stepping down as education minister in 2014.

by | January 29, 2017 | 01:10

But Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, later said that the border tax is only one of several options being considered. Later, Spicer said that the border adjustment tax could be an "option". The move provoked outrage in Mexico. "I regret and reject the decision of the build the wall". The United States on Thursday had threatened 20% duty on imports from Mexico to pay for a wall Trump plans to build along the border with the country's southern neighbour, and then ...

by | January 28, 2017 | 00:44

The US Department of Agriculture has banned scientists and other employees in its main research division from publicly sharing everything from the summaries of scientific papers to USDA-branded tweets as it starts to adjust to life under the Trump administration.

by | January 27, 2017 | 00:54

Thae, who defected to South Korea along with his wife and two sons in August of a year ago, said he's afraid his family remaining in the country have been punished for his defection: "I'm sure that my relatives and my brothers and sisters are either sent to remote, closed areas or to prison camps, and that really breaks my heart", he said.

by | January 26, 2017 | 00:47

The previous U.S. administration, under Barack Obama, had viewed such building as "illegitimate" and in recent months warned that settlements could derail hopes of a negotiated two-state solution. Washington's embassy is in Tel Aviv, as are most foreign diplomatic posts . Trump's predecessor Barack Obama was accused by Netanyahu of betrayal last month, when he refused to use his veto to block a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning settlements as illegal.

by | January 24, 2017 | 00:57

People close to the action shared photos and videos of the storms themselves, as well as the damage they caused. Meteorologists have warned of more storms in northern Florida, Alabama and SC. "On behalf of all of us, condolences", Trump said, noting that Florida and Alabama had also been impacted. "These storms have resulted in loss of life, numerous injuries and extensive property damage".

by | January 24, 2017 | 00:52

Edoardo di Carlo, aged 10, was one of four children and five adults saved by Alpine rescue specialists and firefighters after spending more than 48 hours in freezing temperatures buried by snow, ice and rock. "The hotel guests are terrorised by the earthquakes and have chose to stay out in the open", Bruno Di Tommaso wrote. "We have done our best to calm them, but they are not able to leave because of the blocked roads, and they are thinking of spending the night in their cars".

by | January 24, 2017 | 00:51

It requires foreign non-governmental organizations to not provide or promote abortion services if they receive funds from the US government. While that defunding legislation concerns the domestic-based Planned Parenthood abortion corporation, President Trump has the ability to put in place an executive order that would revoke funding for its worldwide affiliate.

by | January 23, 2017 | 01:01

Guzman was recaptured a year ago in Mexico after escaping from a maximum-security prison for a second time. In Mexico, Deputy Attorney General Alberto Elias Beltran told reporters late Thursday that Guzman still faces formal charges in 10 other cases.

by | January 22, 2017 | 00:50

Kentucky's unemployment rate stayed at 4.8% in December. But if past is prologue, a steep increase in unemployment is on its way sooner or later. The November employment gain, which originally was reported by the Labor Department as a 2,100-job gain, was revised to 1,900.

by | January 22, 2017 | 00:51

US intelligence officials said that there are indications that Pyongyang could hold a launch in the coming days or weeks. "We are taking all necessary measures under the assumption that North Korea can launch its missiles anytime and anywhere that it wants to".

by | January 21, 2017 | 00:47

A West African regional military force was poised to move against Jammeh if he refused to step down. ECOWAS wants Barrow to take power in Gambia without any security threats, said de Souza. Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz flew to Senegal to meet with President Macky Sall after talks in Gambia aimed at resolving the crisis, a Senegalese presidential source told Reuters on Thursday.

by | January 21, 2017 | 00:47

The commerce ministry has been restrained in its verbal responses to Trump, but it has been active behind the scenes. The Ministry of Commerce did not reply to the Post's request for comment. "If you want a fight, then we will fight and we will fight to the end", Chen said. "No one will emerge as a victor in a trade war ", he said, not referring to Trump but leaving little doubt about the target of his message.