by | February 25, 2018 | 01:50

The filing reveals Dropbox has lost more than US$1 billion since its inception. Expectedly, the company disclosed in the filing that its business depends on the ability to convert registered users into paying users, and also the ability to retain and upgrade those paying users.

by | February 22, 2018 | 00:36

The CDC is urging Kratom users to stop taking the plant in any form because the source of the contamination has not been identified. The agency reported 28 people have been infected with salmonella in 20 states, and 11 of them have been hospitalized.

by | February 18, 2018 | 06:06

The tremor - with a magnitude of 4-point-4 - struck around 20 kilometres north of Swansea just after two-thirty this afternoon. Events of this magnitude happen in the United Kingdom every three to five years, the BGS said. A spokesperson told Sky News it was "reasonably-sized" and that the effects had been felt as far afield as Devon and Birmingham. One person in Bristol wrote on Twitter: "Was there an natural disaster in Bristol??" "I was sat writing in the loft when the table, ...

by | February 05, 2018 | 06:13

Jason Kenney, the former federal cabinet minister who now leads Alberta's opposition United Conservative Party, said it's time to up the ante, including blocking Alberta oil exports to B.C. He reiterated his support for the project, which he said is in Canada's national interest. "If Trudeau and the Liberals continue their passive-aggressive approach to Alberta, Saskatchewan and the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy sector and allows carry on this way, forcing more expensive ...

by | February 05, 2018 | 06:14

North Korea has sold weapons to Syria and Myanmar, according to a draft United Nations report quoted by USA media on Friday which also accused China and Russian Federation of failing to do enough to curb the country's illegal trade. Its content is created separately from USA TODAY. Coal is also said to have been exported to several countries, including South Korea, using, quote, "a combination of multiple evasion techniques, routes and deceptive tactics".

by | January 28, 2018 | 02:03

Some of the features were visually characteristic of modern humans, as well: they included a flat labial surface and a lingual groove, and no lingual tubercle, among other features, they report . The researchers confirmed that the jawbone belonged to a modern human by carrying out computed tomography (CT) scans of it, building up a 3D virtual model and comparing it with archaic human fossils from Africa, Europe and Asia - as well as modern human remains.

by | January 27, 2018 | 19:18

Today, farmers and pro-Kannada organisations are observing bandh in Karnataka which led to shutting down of various schools and colleges.The private schools, as well as the state government school, remain closed for today during the bandh. Though the river runs 29 km in Karnataka and 52 km in Goa, its catchment area is spread over 2,032 km in the southern state as against 1,580 km in Goa.

by | January 20, 2018 | 03:58

The clashes came on the same day that a repatriation agreement was signed between Myanmar and Bangladesh to start the return of some 655,000 Muslim Rohingya refugees from squalid camps over the border. "We will be, of course, ready to do everything possible, to support a movement taking place, as I said, based on voluntariness, safety, dignity, and in respect to worldwide standards", he said, adding that the United Nations or its UNHRC was not involved in the agreement between Bangladesh and ...

by | January 19, 2018 | 01:45

We've confirmed three influenza-associated deaths and 233 hospitalizations in Oklahoma County for the 2017-2018 flu season. Dukes says almost 15-hundred people have been hospitalized since flu season began. There were only 19 outbreaks during last year's entire flu season. Symptoms include fever or chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches and tiredness.

by | January 17, 2018 | 02:01

Saturday. Bell has a history of projecting anti-Trump messages on the Trump hotel as well has the Department of Justice. The projection also displayed the word "shithole" and a stream of poop smiley-face emojis (). There has been no shortage of reactions to Trump's "shithole" remark he allegedly made during the notorious immigration meeting with lawmakers on Thursday.

by | January 11, 2018 | 00:56

As you can probably guess from the surname, Enola is the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes and shares his knack for solving crimes. Not sure even Eleven could pull that off. Stranger Things turned Millie Bobby Brown from a normal 13-year-old to an global superstar, there is no doubt about it. In addition to starring, Brown will produce the adaptation through her PCMA Productions banner, while Alex Garcia and Ali Mendes oversee for Legendary.

by | January 03, 2018 | 01:50

Between the beginning of flu season in October and December 16, there have been 2,711 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza, and 953 people hospitalized. As of September 2017 there were more than 137,500 reported cases of flu in Australia, according to , which was more than double the number of cases from the year before.

by | December 30, 2017 | 01:12

Symptoms of flu include: fever, cough , sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headaches, and fatigue. A flu vaccine , available at pharmacies and in good supply in the United States , may not offer adequate protection against Type A, subtype H3N2, the influenza virus strain now circulating in the country, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Thursday.

by | December 29, 2017 | 01:06

In the latest statement, the Library said it made a decision to change its approach of storing tweets based on several reasons, including the dramatic growth of traffic on Twitter. public policy". The LOC did not offer specific details regarding the selection of the tweets for the archive moving forward. The entire Twitter archive is not allowed for public access and will remain until embargo "until access issues can be resolved in a cost-effective and sustainable manner".

by | December 17, 2017 | 01:07

The latest data is from the week ending in December 2nd, though new data is expected out soon. The researchers in the new study said that since then, many countries have improved their vital records and flu surveillance systems, enabling more low- to middle-income countries to estimate deaths from the disease.

by | December 14, 2017 | 11:49

It is unimaginable how disastrous it would have been if the sanction had affected our participation at the World Cup. The match is declared to be forfeited and awarded 3-0 in favour of Algeria, with the NFF also receiving a fine of 6,000 Swiss Francs.

by | December 12, 2017 | 18:04

Patel said it is never too late to receive a flu shot, especially since so far this year, it looks like the flu shot serum that was projected ahead of time is turning out to be right on target. "Every year, we see hospitalizations and deaths from the flu here in our region". Positive RSV cases represent a third of all RSV tests administered by hospitals in the Yakima area.

by | November 25, 2017 | 00:46

Very warm temperatures are in the forecast across Arizona for the remainder of the holiday week and weekend as high pressure stays situated over the region. region, Sirard said. Friday afternoon, the temperature rose to 60 degrees, a record high, according to the National Weather Service . That's higher than Palm Springs' predicted high of 92 degrees.

by | November 17, 2017 | 01:20

Each year more than 480,000 people in the United States die from illnesses related to tobacco use. - Tobacco use remains the largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in MI, killing more than 16,200 residents each year. Experts at the Cancer Society say quitting, even for one day, helps your health. "We've seen, just in the pasy year alone, we've seen a decrease in e-cigarette smoking because of the national campaign last year", said Harris.

by | November 15, 2017 | 01:08

Gordon. "The days are pretty much over when doctors could walk into the office and tell people what to do, write a prescription and expect them to comply", he said on Twitter Tuesday. "If you are going to put money into the healthcare system, it's to everyone's advantage if we treat and prevent on this side of it, in early treatment".

by | October 29, 2017 | 02:55

Sporting headbands, bandanas and sports gear in colours reflecting allegiance to their respective teams (red, yellow for Spain; white for England ), a full house of die-hard fans threw their weight behind their favourite football stars with raucous cheers and thunderous applause.

by | October 28, 2017 | 01:05

The report made a list of recommendations about how employers and the government can better support employees that are suffering. About 15 per cent of working people have symptoms... It suggested a six-point set of "core standards" for employers which included producing, implementing and communicating a mental health at work plan; developing mental health awareness among employees; encouraging open conversations about mental health and the support available; providing good working conditions; ...

by | October 25, 2017 | 00:53

In addition a further 10 genetic variants specifically linked to stubborn breast cancers that do not respond to hormone treatment were found. "There are some clear patterns in the genetic variants that should help us understand why some women are predisposed to breast cancer, and which genes and mechanisms are involved".

by | October 23, 2017 | 00:48

No one is disrespecting the flag, anthem and certainly not veterans by kneeling during the National Anthem. On Tuesday, amid controversies surrounding NFL players' right to protest, NFL owner Roger Goodell said the league will not require players to stand during the national anthem .

by | October 17, 2017 | 00:47

Several people are reportedly still trapped under the debris of the collapsed buildings. Meanwhile, Bengaluru Development Minister K.J George has a compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to next of kin of the deceased and Rs 50,000 to injured. Following the incident, the administration rushed police and firefighters to the spot to carry out rescue work. Personnel of the fire brigade and National Disaster Response Force recovered the bodies including that of two women.