by | February 12, 2017 | 00:58

On Friday, Mr Modi had said at an election rally in Haridwar that the BJP had a detailed dossier on the Congress leaders. Rahul went on to say that Modi should continue to do what he loves to do but he should also focus on fulfilling the promise of providing jobs to the youth.

by | February 12, 2017 | 00:59

But then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced that Congress would make defunding Planned Parenthood a priority, including it as part of a wider effort to repeal Obamacare in this year's budget reconciliation bill. Leslie Hanks, an anti-abortion demonstrator in Denver, told Brasch he hopes President Trump "does the right thing and I hope that Planned Parenthood is defunded, but that's the very least that should happen".

by | February 11, 2017 | 00:51

Russian Federation has meanwhile increased government spending on the 2018 event by $321 million to $10.7 billion (about N5.35 trillion). Qatar, the small country on the Arabian Peninsula with a population less than that of Nevada, is spending nearly half a billion dollars per week in preparation for the 2022 World Cup according to the country's finance minister.

by | February 09, 2017 | 00:41

The teens mentioned that it gives a stronger hit, it produces thicker vapors, and it gives better flavor. While there is no proof that it causes any additional health risks, it may expose users to higher levels of toxic chemicals. While e-cigarettes may contain fewer toxicants than traditional cigarettes, they do contain chemicals like propylene glycol and glycerin, "which when heated at high temperatures like with " dripping " can produce high levels of carcinogenic compounds like ...

by | February 02, 2017 | 00:44

The Lt. Governor will declare Friday as National Wear Red Day . Let National Wear Red Day be a reminder to take care of your heart and learn your family history. Heart disease is prominent in both men and women, but since 1984 more women have died from heart disease annually than men, according to The Heart Foundation.

by | January 29, 2017 | 01:10

With the NFL moving the Pro Bowl to Orlando, the week-long festivities show that the NFL Pro Bowl Experience and Skills Showdown are targeted to its younger fans. Additionally, numerous 88 Pro Bowl participants have invited their high school coaches to take part in the week with them. The NFL didn't implement their own version of the idea, despite widespread popularity across other leagues and continued lack of interest in the Pro Bowl , until this season.

by | January 26, 2017 | 00:46

The New York Times reported Wednesday morning that Pres. Trump is preparing to lift the Obama administration's ban on the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" and so-called "black sites" where detainees are stripped of their rights and protections and can be held and tortured with impunity for years.

by | January 26, 2017 | 00:43

Most cervical cancer cases occur in women who have never been screened with a Pap test or have not been screened in the past five years. In a new study , however, researchers found that the death rate of cervical cancer in the United States is considerably higher than previously thought.

by | January 18, 2017 | 01:16

Compare this to Earth, where winds move only up to 20 percent the speed of the planet. "We have to study atmospheric conditions when the bow, [or] stationary gravity waves appear or not", Taguchi explains. "But the air particles are moving up and down, very much as the water particles are moving up and down". The center of the bow is located at the western slope of " Aphrodite Terra ", an Africa-sized highland region stretching up to 5 km (15,000 feet) high.

by | January 16, 2017 | 00:53

Per the Food Safety Magazine , experts believe the Japanese tapeworm has always been in salmon near the Pacific coast. It has been been reported in 2,000 illnesses in Japan and other parts of Asia and is known to affect humans who eat infected fish in eastern Russian Federation and Japan.

by | January 14, 2017 | 00:46

Bloomberg reported that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and senior executive vice president for external and legislative affairs Robert Quinn have already been spotted at Trump Tower on Thursday. AT&T didn't come out of the meeting and declare it was creating new, like some of the executives before Stephenson, nor did the company alleviate any investor concern about the fate of the $85.4 billion deal.

by | January 13, 2017 | 00:36

The syringes are filled with the hormone epinephrine, and they expire after a year. CVS' move to introduce an alternative comes at a time when Mylan is under heavy scrutiny for consistent increases in the cost of its EpiPen over the last several years.

by | January 05, 2017 | 00:42

They say that cotton swabs or any other small object can cause cuts in our ear canals, perforating our eardrums or dislocating our hearing bones. The guidelines recommend seeking medical treatment for hearing loss and ear fullness, drainage, bleeding, or pain, and medical advice about how to remove earwax safely.

by | January 01, 2017 | 00:53

His appointment came after the sudden resignation of Najeeb Jung from the post. "I am very hopeful that in the future, we all - MLAs, Delhi Government, people of Delhi - will work with the L-G for overall development of Delhi". "We will sit, talk and then you will get to know". He also said that Delhi is beset with several problems, including law and order, women safety and pollution.

by | January 01, 2017 | 00:49

Jury selection was set to begin in November, but was postponed after defense attorneys for Roof asked for a competency evaluation, one that was requested against Roof's wishes and after he had asked to represent himself in court. Gergel has ruled that Roof has the right to be his own lawyer and choose whatever defense strategy his selects. Roof later asked to bring his lawyers back for the guilt portion of his trial, with the intention of representing himself again during sentencing.

by | December 25, 2016 | 02:10

When Hidey's owner was taken to a nursing home, the kitty was taken to the local animal shelter. Hidey - who got her name because she spends most of her time hiding - had to undergo the emergency operation when her elderly owner went into care suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

by | December 24, 2016 | 00:52

South wind around 5 miles per hour. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Light and variable wind becoming southeast 5 to 10 miles per hour in the morning. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a low around 41. Tonight we should see partly cloudy skies with lows near 37 and light east winds developing after midnight.

by | December 24, 2016 | 00:52

Some residents and concerned relatives sent frantic tweets as they waited for word that help was on the way. Officials said the building is fireproof, so residents who stayed in their apartments were better off than those who tried to evacuate.

by | December 24, 2016 | 00:54

The original plan was for his biological mom to regain custody, but when that fell through Montgomery opened her house and her heart. "As a single parent, I was not looking to adopt, just to help kids during transition", she explained. "He is the most loving, smart, amusing and happy kiddo". Another has him posing with Brown and another adoptive sister. "The impact you are making will last a lifetime on the child", Montgomery said.

by | December 23, 2016 | 01:27

Shot: Karlov speaking moments before the attack happened. "Don't forget Aleppo!" off-duty Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas shouted as he shot Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in the back at an Ankara art gallery. The ambassador, Andrey Karlov, was injured after he was about to deliver a speech on the opening of the exhibition " Russia in the eyes of Turks ".

by | December 23, 2016 | 01:19

The Institute has to balance the funds we can spend on this category as it may affect other categories like support to top national and global conferences, which helps achieve excellence. "Students have been informed that we were looking into the matter, and will try to provide assistance to reduce and adjust the charges accordingly". We will see what is the best we can do to address the concerns of the students.

by | December 23, 2016 | 01:22

In August of this year, WhatsApp revealed it was updating its terms and privacy policy to start sharing more data with Facebook, including user phone numbers. "Contrary to Facebook's statements and reply during the merger review, the technical possibility of automatically matching Facebook users' IDs with WhatsApp users' IDs already existed in 2014", she wrote in a statement.

by | December 23, 2016 | 01:12

Grace Packer's mother reported her missing July 11 from her home in Abington Township, Montgomery County. Detectives then found out that on August 24, Packer had enrolled her 12-year-old adopted son in the Quakertown School District but that no records were found indicating that Grace Packer had been enrolled for the fall 2016 semester, police said.

by | December 22, 2016 | 00:44

Planned Parenthood gets about $ 500 million annually in federal funds, largely in reimbursements through Medicaid, which provides health coverage to millions of low-income Americans. "Despite Texas Republicans' continued attacks on Planned Parenthood, I will continue to offer my unwavering support for the good work the organization does on behalf of low-income women in Texas and nationwide".

by | December 20, 2016 | 00:42

Chan School of Public Health. The gap in readmission rates was similar: 15 percent for female doctors, and 15.6 percent for male doctors. "Physicians are learning to manage their time with a very limited amount of resources, and it's a struggle", he says.