by | November 13, 2016 | 02:12

The most surprising report that we heard was that there won't even be a single romantic scene between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in the movie. Ranveer Singh who had recently brought to us Bajirao Mastani where he played Peshwa Bajirao, romancing with the lovely Mastani went through excessive training and poured in a lot of dedication to portraying the evil and dominating look of Alauddin Khilji.

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:10

Starting at around 2:00 p.m., several hundred demonstrators gathered around the Washington Square Arch (the fountain was running but closed, as if anyone would have wanted to go swimming in yesterday's bluster and chill) and, after some chanting and a few speeches, a huge pack would leave the park and march in a loop over to Sixth Avenue, up to 9th Street, and then back down Fifth.

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:09

In total the auction made $30.3 million dollars, that's more than double its pre-sale estimate . Bowie died last January at the age of 69 after battling cancer. In addition, Frank Auerbach's Head of Gerda Boehm fetched £3.8 million ($4.8 million). In an interview printed in the catalog, Hirst recalled Bowie turning up in a designer suit at his studio: "I remember telling him to come to the studio in old clothes, but he turned up in brand-new expensive clothes; he said he didn't ...

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:12

The new poster is very refreshing and Maniratnam is expected to hit a bang with this movie. Karthi plays a pilot in the film and says he has undergone training in flying and made friends from air force. The Tamil version is produced by Madras Talkies and the film also stars Shraddha Srinath, Rukmini Vijayakumar, RJ Balaji, Delhi Ganesh and veteran Malayalam actress Lalitha in pivotal roles.

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:09

Crews were hard at work cutting it down Thursday morning and the family is ecstatic about the future of the tree. "We're so thrilled and so thankful to share our tree with the world", Angie Eichler told Dylan Dreyer on TODAY Thursday. "There she goes. Now that's a good omen". The tree is also reportedly the second-larges to arrive at the center. The tree had to be lifted by two cranes and floated above the house.

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:11

She added: "I loved it, I've waited my whole life to do something like that and yes, maybe I should strip it down but next week is Disco Week". X Factor hopeful Saara Aalto was stunned on Saturday night after finding out a superfan has got a tattoo of her face on his arm.

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:09

Gerster was on her daily hike through the woods in Chappaqua when she met former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton , and her husband Bill, walking their dog in the area. The episode focused the attention of Americans on Hillary for the first time. "All I wanted to do was hug her". And she hurt herself when she seemed to criticize stay-at-home mothers by saying she would rather work than stay home and bake cookies.

by | November 13, 2016 | 02:05

The never-easy decision to have him put to sleep was eventually made, and in a deeply moving Facebook post , Mark invited dog owners, dog lovers, friends and the public in general to make their last walk special. "Thank you to the hundreds of people that (sic) attended this walk this morning and to all those that had their own walks with their beloved pets at 9.30am all around the world.

by | November 12, 2016 | 07:28

The filmmaker is now in India for shooting his ambitious project. On the work front, Deepika will soon kick-start the shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming film, Padmavati, in which she will play the titular character. The film that will be shot in Mumbai , Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Kashmir, will be an Indian story at heart and will reportedly be a new take on relationships and emotional quotients in true Majidi style.

by | November 12, 2016 | 07:29

Voters cast ballots on a referendum to potentially legalize recreational marijuana use on Tuesday . California legalized marijuana for recreation use as voters passed a legalization measure by a wide margin. MA is the first state east of the MS to allow recreational use . And in every single state, the respective measure passed. That remains to be seen, as does the chance that a Republican Congress will move in a positive direction on marijuana .

by | November 12, 2016 | 07:27

Speaking specifically about his sexuality, Rowling hinted: "As far as his sexuality is concerned..." Several of our favourite Harry Potter characters will be revived for the five-part series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . She added: "Last night I was in a kind of a bleak mood boarding the plane and I thought I need to work". "Pirates of the Carribean" actor Johnny Depp has already been confirmed to portray Grindelwald in the coming sequels, as previously reported.

by | November 12, 2016 | 07:26

People v OJ Simpson won the outstanding limited series award. Kading is also said to be helping out with the plot and has signed on as an executive producer alongside Anthony Hemingway who helmed several episodes of The People v. If properly casted, written and directed, this could actually be must-see TV. Wallace met a similar fate less than a year later, when he was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles.

by | November 12, 2016 | 07:25

She added, "As we were leaving, I heard a bit of rustling coming towards me and as I stepped into the clearing there she was, Hillary Clinton and Bill with their dogs doing exactly the same thing as I was". As they filed into the ballroom, there were tears, hugs, and disbelief that Clinton, a former secretary of state, U.S senator and first lady , had again failed to shatter what Clinton called the "highest and hardest glass ceiling" after her first attempt in 2008 to become the Democratic ...

by | November 10, 2016 | 00:58

So far, it appears Shkreli has played two songs from the Wu-Tang album, titled Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, while other tracks are said to have been previously released on Tidal in March . We guess it's nice to know he abided by some of the rules. Shkreli has since been charged with securities fraud and is now awaiting his trial, which is set for June 2017.

by | November 10, 2016 | 00:50

The comedian wrapped up his election special on a somber note, acknowledging that too many Americans were drinking up the "poisonous" politics from this exhausting election season. She doesn't want to cast a ballot this year, and while Colbert tries to convince her about how important this election is, Stewart bursts in with a campy mayoral outfit supporting her right to sit out.

by | November 09, 2016 | 08:41

And Kenny Chesney received the CMA Pinnacle Award in a presentation hosted by retired National Football League favorite Peyton Manning. George Straight and Alan Jackson, two icons in country music, sang "Remember When". The two also brought out a "basket of deplorables", a reference to what Clinton once called Trump supporters, and Underwood cautioned Paisley not to drink too fast or he'd have to take a "wiki-leak".

by | November 08, 2016 | 05:57

Would she do a duet or a solo? Christmas could come early for country star Luke Bryan: The singer may have a "three-peat" as entertainer of the year at the Country Music Association Awards on Wednesday night. Maren Morris won her first-ever CMA trophy on Wednesday night (Nov. 2), for New Artist of the Year. "Every act just kept getting better and better and better, and then here comes Randy Travis singing 'Amen.' Are you kidding me?" Later, Vince Gill said the Cubs were up 6-3.

by | November 06, 2016 | 02:28

It said that is was because the promo was unapproved by her team but they were pleased with her performance. But some were outraged that Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks, who have been estranged from the country music world since their insult of then-US president George Bush in 2003, were allowed to perform at all.

by | November 06, 2016 | 02:26

President Obama on Friday commuted the prison sentences of 72 people, including that of a Collier County man. Obama individually approves each reduced sentence, taking into account the crime committed and the inmate's potential for success outside of prison.

by | November 06, 2016 | 02:25

Your favorite award shows and the New Year's Eve countdown show just got a little more Wanda-ful. That pace then skyrocketed in January with Wanda's purchase of Legendary, which nearly doubled that total by itself. Marketplace's Reema Khrais reports on the latest buy from Wanda, and what it says about the Chinese influence in global entertainment. Wanda and DCP may be betting on the moneymaking potential of the company's most high-profile production, the Golden Globe Awards, growing ...

by | November 05, 2016 | 05:57

That's why she's anxious that her children might end up in foster care should the judge in her case find both her and Brad to be unfit parents. Angelina Jolie is now living in Malibu, California, with her and Pitt's six kids. "It seems their issues still involve the kids", a family source told People magazine. As one of Hollywood's elite power couples, the actors transformed the flurry of headlines into a force for good.

by | November 04, 2016 | 03:06

Watch Levine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the video above! And he gave her huge props during the November 3 episode of her talkshow, revealing that it was actually the comedian who came up with baby Dusty Rose's super unique name. "It's really screwed up to actually have to put yourself through that". But you'd never know it by some photos she recently posted on Instagram , in which she showed off her awesome Pretty Woman-themed Halloween costume.

by | November 04, 2016 | 02:58

The co-stars appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly -Emma dressed in her gown and Dan in his mask. It comes following the huge success of Maleficent , Cinderella and The Jungle Book . If that wasn't enough, there are debut photos of Belle on her own, along with a first look at Luke Evans' Gaston, Josh Gad's Lefou, Kevin Kline's Maurice and the likes of Cogsworth , Lumiere and Mrs Potts.

by | November 03, 2016 | 06:03

Shay can barely speak she's so emotional. "It feels like the last day of school with just an extra bit of emptiness". "Our show ending is such a weird unique thing that I have only experienced from where you are sitting". Shay also honors her castmates in the video, who she calls her "sisters". The show will air its final episodes in Summer 2017. A press release for the final episodes tease "more homecomings and reunions, including characters such as Wren Kingston (Julian Morris), ...

by | November 02, 2016 | 08:40

The details behind the disappearance of young Will Byers last season will be elaborated on. "When asked to describe Barbara, her friends and peers praised her as loyal to a fault". " Barb will not be forgotten". Millie Bobby Brown played the girl with special powers and an iconic buzz cut and became an overnight sensation after the release in July.