Trump denies knowing about Trump Tower meeting in advance

Trump denies knowing about Trump Tower meeting in advance

U.S. president Donald Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen said that Trump knew in advance about a June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower at which Russians offered to provide damaging information about his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, CNN reported on Thursday.

Cohen also said he is willing to repeat his claim to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

A source told the network Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, alleges that he witnessed Donald Trump Jr. telling his father about the meeting before it happened.

Donald Trump Jr.'s attorney Alan Futerfas issued a statement Thursday saying Trump Jr.

Cohen says he could testify about being in the room with the Trumps when the candidate gave the green light to his eldest son to hold the meeting with the Russians, according to CNN.

"Michael Cohen can't be believed unless it's corroborated five times", Giuliani told NBC News. "Why would you expect it would be true from someone like Cohen?"

"I expected something like this from Cohen", Giuliani told CNN's Chris Cuomo.

The President lashed out at Cohen after the release of the recording, saying on Twitter, "what kind of a lawyer would tape a client?" "Sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam", the President tweeted.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said he thought the chance was "zero" that Trump Jr. did not take his Russian guests up to meet his father after the meeting.

Cohen is the third Trump associate to suggest the president knew more about the 2016 meeting than he's letting on. The emails, which were later released, show that Trump Jr. was offered documents and information that "would incriminate" Clinton and that the offer was "part of Russian Federation and its government's support for Mr. Trump".

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President Trump and his son have denied that Trump knew in advance of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Prosecutors in the US Attorney's office for the Southern District of NY have been investigating Cohen for months, though he has not been charged with any crime and has repeatedly denied any wrong doing.

Rudy Giuliani called Michael Cohen a "pathological liar" in a heated CNN interview on Thursday.

Should Mr. Cohen choose to cooperate with investigators, including Mr. Mueller, it's not clear what information he has that they could not gather for themselves or have not already learned on their own.

Trump has consistently denied that he knew about the meeting, and he did so again on Friday.

Trump said on July 12, 2017, that he "only heard about it two or three days ago".

And Trump Jr. talked with the Senate Judiciary Committee about the phone calls he was making at the time he was setting up the meeting, which followed an offer of help from the Russian government via a series of intermediaries. Trump has denied having had an encounter with Daniels.

Why would it matter if Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting? .

Mueller, who has led the Justice Department's probe into Russian meddling, is also looking into any links between the Russians and the Trump presidential campaign.The probe is also scrutinizing whether Trump sought to obstruct justice by firing Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey in 2017 and otherwise undermining other Justice Department officials. In a series of tweets Friday morning, the president said, "The highly conflicted Robert Mueller and his gang of 13 Angry Democrats obviously can not find Collusion" and "the only Collusion with Russian Federation was with the Democrats".

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