GOP Strategist: Cohen Tape Reveals Trump Systematically Silenced Women

GOP Strategist: Cohen Tape Reveals Trump Systematically Silenced Women

"So sad!. Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things?"

Appearing on Good Morning America Wednesday, Lanny Davis told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that while there's nothing criminal revealed on the tape, "it's about lies and truth".

On the 2016 recording, which was made secretly and played on CNN llast night, Trump's then-lawyer Cohen is heard discussing the matter with him and brings up the "financing" of the payoff with then-candidate Trump, who asks, "What financing?" In Azerbaijan, Mr Trump did business with a figure linked to money laundering and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In the secret conversationーrecorded two months before the 2016 electionーCohen says, "I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David". Trump is heard saying "pay with cash" but the audio is muddled and it's unclear whether he suggests paying with cash or not paying.

Cohen, of course, already is reportedly being investigated by federal prosecutors in NY for possibly engaging in bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations. That's borderline preposterous given Trump's friendship with AMI chief David Pecker, but rest assured that that's what the Enquirer will argue if the FEC comes knocking or McDougal tries to sue them for fraud herself. "Whatever spin Mr. Giuliani is trying to invent, it says 'cash, ' and Michael Cohen says 'no, no, no'".

In April, Donald Trump tweeted that Michael Cohen is a "fine person" who he has "always liked and respected", adding that he didn't see him ever turning on his former boss.

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Weisselberg, on the other hand, has worked for the Trump family since the 1970s, and knows more about the Trump Organization's history and finances than almost anyone.

But Trump does respond to Cohen's suggestion of opening the shell company with a question: "What do we got to pay for this?"

She sold her story to the National Enquirer, signing a $150,000 agreement that gave the tabloid exclusive story rights and banned her from talking publicly about the alleged affair. Mr Cohen: "We'll have to pay".

He told AP: "The president wanted to do it the right way".

A former Trump stalwart, Mr Cohen once famously vowed he would take a bullet for the president. "Made from the best stuff on Earth!" says the parodied version of Trump on the tape.

During the campaign, the Trump team denied any knowledge of the deal between Ms McDougal and American Media. Court filings say 12 audio recordings in all were passed on to federal prosecutors after lawyers dropped any claims of attorney-client privilege.

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