Stranded woman drank water from moss after California crash

Stranded woman drank water from moss after California crash

Missing Oregon woman found alive near Big SurChelsea and Chad Moore described finding Hernandez's wrecked Jeep near Highway 1.

Hernandez was driving near the Bay Area when she said she swerved after an animal stepped into the road.

She was finally rescued Friday by two campers who spotted her mangled auto.

In the days that followed, Hernandez walked the beach searching for help, climbing on rocks to avoid sharp sand and walking on the shore to get away from hot rocks, she said.

"She got herself out of the vehicle and climbed approximately 75 feet because she actually felt water coming into the vehicle", Officer Madueno said. Most automotive antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which can be fatal in doses of just a few hundred milliliters, though some formulations use safer propylene glycol.

"My sister is alive, she's talking, and she's still trying to come to understanding everything", she wrote Saturday on Facebook.

"When she woke up, she realized what had happened to her", Bernal continued.

By the third day, Hernandez's jeans were torn, her socks had holes and she knew she was dehydrated. She says she met so many attractive people, ' Isabel added on Facebook thanking everyone who aided in the search and rescue effort.

Authorities were alerted by a couple who spotted the woman's white Jeep and heard her cries for help Friday evening, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Woman Missing a Week Found Alive Down a Cliff

"I just want to thank everybody that helped", said her sister, Isabel Hernandez.

Hernandez was recovering from her injuries at a local hospital Monday.

She said her windows were rolled up, and the power was out.

I took off my seatbelt and found a multi-tool I kept near my front seat.

On her Facebook page, Hernandez posted photos of her injuries and described her daily ritual on the beach.

"There definitely weren't any survivors is what we were thinking with the state of the Jeep, you could barely tell it was a jeep", Chelsea said.

"At that point, we just panicked with adrenaline like, 'Oh my God, you were in that auto we just saw and you're alive and you must need help,"' said Chelsea.

"She didn't think we were real, she didn't for a while", Chad said.

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