Indiana Man John Miller Arrested for 1988 Murder of April Tinsley

Indiana Man John Miller Arrested for 1988 Murder of April Tinsley

Authorities say John Miller, of IN, agreed to speak with police IN Fort Wayne, IN the midwestern USA state, and made incriminating statements about abducting, assaulting and killing April Tinsley. Three days later, a jogger discovered April's body about 20 miles to the north in a ditch along a country road in DeKalb County. When asked why police would want to talk to him, Miller offered "April Tinsley", according to court documents.

Miller was taken to the Allen County Jail, where he is being held on suspicion of murder, child molesting and confinement. He'll be formally arraigned in Allen Superior Court Monday.

The message on the barn read: "I kill 8 year old April M Tinsley did you find her other shoe haha I will kill agin".

The little girl had reportedly been raped, but although the killer left DNA evidence behind, investigators were not able to match the sample to a suspect until earlier this year, according to court documents obtained by the Indy Star.

In 2004, 16 years after April's death, the killer left threatening notes, photos and used condoms on three girl's bicycles and in a mailbox in the Fort Wayne area.

It's still unclear how detectives Brian Martin of the Fort Wayne Police Department and Clint Hetrick of the Indiana State Police used DNA information in the Tinsley case, but the affidavit says they worked with "highly trained genealogist" CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist. The DNA was taken from the used condoms and evidence from the crime scenes, according to court documents.

IN police reports from the 30-year-old murder found that the first-grader had been sexually assaulted and suffocated, according to a police affidavit. The defendant replied "yes" and said nothing else, CBS News affiliate WANE reported.

Two years after her killing someone scrawled on a barn not far from where her body was found “I kill 8 year

Paul Helmke, who was Fort Wayne's mayor when Tinsley was slain, said the community always held out hope that there would eventually be an arrest in the disturbing case. She had been assaulted and strangled. Investigators then examined Miller's trash and found three used condoms that matched the DNA evidence from the suspected killer.

Cops found a DNA sample on April's body. The same message demanded the young girl report the note to the police; the writer said that if he didnt see a report on the message in the newspaper or local TV, he would blow up the childs house. He also had found one of her shoes in his vehicle, and he threw that out the auto window along the ditch as he drove by.

"Hi honey. I been watching you", one note released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation read. Notes at each scene were found stating the person who left the condoms had raped and killed April M. Tinsley. The lab used its public genealogy databases to flag two possible suspects - brothers.

John D. Miller was arrested in connection to April Tinsley's 1988 murder.

Miller then admitted to abducting April from Hoagland Street in Fort Wayne on April 1, 1988, taking her to his trailer, raping her and killing her, court documents said.

Miller allegedly told police he dumped her body at night.

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