Republicans, no Democrats, invited to see documents on USA election probe

Republicans, no Democrats, invited to see documents on USA election probe

What use, if any, was made of information learned to assist the Clinton campaign?

Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Emmet Flood, was spotted on camera leaving a highly classified meeting between lawmakers and members of the Department of Justice to analyze the evidence about whether or not a spy was placed inside the Trump campaign. "That's much harder when you have a client who is the president of the United States and wants to be interviewed". I hope - I mean, if you look at Clapper, he sort of admitted that they had spies in the campaign, yesterday, inadvertently. "Trying to understand were the Russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage or influence, which is what they do". They disparage President Trump's tweets decrying "spygate" as the usual Trump piffle.

In a statement, Ryan later thanked the Justice Department for arranging the briefing but declined to elaborate, saying "I can not and will not comment on a classified session". "Spying on a campaign would be illegal, and a scandal to boot!"

Trump has branded his latest attempt to discredit the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation as "spygate", part of a newly invigorated strategy embraced by his Republican colleagues to raise suspicions about the probe into Russian Federation meddling in the 2016 campaign.

Two Republican lawmakers, and no Democrats, are expected to attend a meeting scheduled for Thursday to review classified information relating to U.S. President Donald Trump's suggestion the Federal Bureau of Investigation might have used an informant to gather information on his 2016 election campaign, the White House said on Tuesday.

Mueller's team has declined to comment on Giuliani's statements to CNN.

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TheWashington Post's David Ignatius said, "Those who know Halper describe someone closer to a gregarious busybody and academic eccentric - an intellectual who jostles for first billing on a book cover - than a mole burrowing toward Trump's inner circle". The president has said that, if true, this would be "the all-time biggest political scandal" and "bigger than Watergate!" Comey said he did not disclose the investigation involving Trump because it was at an early, sensitive stage.

Asked about tomorrow's meeting with Nunes, Gowdy, Ed O'Callighan, Christopher Wray and Dan Coats, Trump insisted "everybody wants this solved", adding, "a lot of bad things have happened".

Giuliani also said the president was unlikely to make changes at the Department of Justice and had no intention of firing Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or Attorney General Jeff Sessions - all three of whom have come under sustained attack from the president. "Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting", Trump stated yesterday.

"We'd urge the Justice Department to re-evaluate, to acknowledge they made a mistake".

"Facts matter", Comey wrote on Twitter. And, he said, the leak could violate other laws and guidelines created to protect confidential sources. "How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?".

Speaking to reporters later, Trump sought to discredit Comey, calling him a liar and saying he could be in trouble once a review of the FBI's handling of the Russian Federation probe is completed by the inspector general of the Justice Department.

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