Tusk: the EU Trump got rid of all illusions

Tusk: the EU Trump got rid of all illusions

'With friends like that, who needs enemies?' European Council president asks.

The EU leaders were also due to discuss the deaths of dozens of Palestinians in Gaza after Trump moved the USA embassy to Jerusalem, in another move that the Europeans had strongly opposed, but there were no details on that discussion.

However, aim is to reply Donald Trump's move to put trade tariffs on Europe and withdrawal from Iranian Nuclear Deal.

He said: "We are witnessing today a new phenomenon: the capricious assertiveness of the American administration".

In unusually harsh terms, Tusk said Europe could no longer count on automatic help from Washington as Western allies in an increasingly troubled world.

But thanks to Trump, he said, "we have got rid of all illusions".

Europe exemplifies the use of multilateral worldwide negotiations, to settle everything from global trade rules to the threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

The US has broken with the European Union on other issues besides the Iran deal - Trump has also pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium on trading partners.

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Raf Casert and Lorne Cook are Associated Press writers.

Theresa May will travel to the Bulgarian capital where she will join a working dinner with her fellow European leaders, including European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Rutte added that friendship with the United States remains important.

This move came less than three years after it was signed by his predecessor Barack Obama and the leaders of Iran, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Meanwhile the European Union is still trying to win exemptions from tariffs on steel and aluminium exports. "As Europe, we already have a major leading role in the world", Rutte sad to NOS.

And for the Europeans, the problem is made more acute by the fact that the disorder is largely created by their closest historical ally, the United States.

The discussions, which officials said were long but with "no real controversy", stuck to the issues of the day and avoided a wider questioning of the EU's relations under Trump, despite Tusk's tough words. "But Europe will have to give more substance to that role with more confidence".

Total said it would wind down operations linked to the South Pars gas venture before November 4 unless it were granted a specific project waiver by the U.S. authorities, with the support of the French and European authorities.

As Europeans have lost the guarantee that Trump would activate article 5 - the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation clause for mutual defence - they are focusing more on EU's own security policies, the two officials noted. "Because there is a striking contrast between, on the one hand, an inauguration in great splendor, with smiles, and on the other hand, the drama, and families today that are in mourning with innocent children who are the victims of this situation", Michel told state broadcaster RTBF.

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