Don Blankenship Reminds Voters That Trump Got It Wrong On Roy Moore

Don Blankenship Reminds Voters That Trump Got It Wrong On Roy Moore

There is growing concern among Republicans that Don Blankenship, a bombastic coal baron who has spent time in prison, is surging ahead of Tuesday's West Virginia Senate primary - and a last-minute campaign is underway to stop him.

Many are convinced that a Blankenship win, coming just months after the disastrous Alabama Senate race, would destroy the party's prospects of defeating Democratic Sen.

Blankenship is running against Rep. Evan Jenkins and state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

The President adds his voice to the national Republicans who are anxious that Blankenship's upstart campaign could upend plans to run either Republican Rep. Evan Jenkins or Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who are seen as more electable, against vulnerable Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, the fall, for the same reason Judge Roy Moore lost to Sen.

The key component of the Trumps - Donald and Don - is that Blankenship can't win in November and, therefore, shouldn't be supported by Republican primary voters.

In the Alabama race, Trump endorsed Moore, who faced allegations of past sexual misconduct.

Blankenship said in a statement issued by his campaign, "I will win the primary and I will beat Joe Manchin".

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"I'm the only candidate in this race who has backed Donald Trump since day one, and as senator, I'll continue working side-by-side with him in the best interests of West Virginia and our conservative values". Mitch's swamp people are now running false negative ads against me.

Blankenship pushed back at the Trumps for aligning with the "establishment", though he did claim his end goal is to promote the president's agenda.

"No more fumbles like Alabama", he wrote. Blankenship dismissed criticism that his use of the word "Chinaperson" was racist in quite the Trumpian manner, casting it as political correctness gone unchecked. Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic and someone mentioned as a possible 3rd party candidate for president in 2020, hit Trump for that mentality in a tweet Monday.

The exorbitantly wealthy white-collar criminal - who is trying to steal a nomination from career GOP politicians on the strength of his media exposure and the virulence of his racism - also observed, "As some have said, I am Trumpier than Trump, and this morning proves it'". In January, Jenkins called on Morrisey to disavow Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist whose relationship with the president soured suddenly and dramatically earlier this year. "I am an America person and I will put America first". If polling had shown Moore dead in the water, you can bet Trump would have been much more wary of getting involved.

Trump's tweet on Blankenship starkly reveals both of those character traits.

"I'm proud to have President Trump's support", he tweeted.

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