Kelly says report he called Trump an idiot is 'total BS'

Kelly says report he called Trump an idiot is 'total BS'

Then-White House aide Keith Schiller, who previously served as Trump's personal bodyguard, Trump Organization lawyer Alan Garten and another "large man" came unannounced and took the files on the morning of February 3, 2017, Dr. Harold Bornstein said.

"I spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship", Kelly said in a statement. "I told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the past 20 years he might live to be 200 year old", Jackson said.

'This is another pathetic attempt to smear people close to President Trump and distract from the administration's many successes, ' Kelly continued. The White House spokespeople said they haven't heard Kelly talk about himself as the one saving the country, and that if anything he may have spoken in jest along those lines.

As The Hill details, Bornstein alleges that the three men associated with Trump were in his NY medical office for about 25 to 30 minutes and they left with the president's medical charts and lab reports.

White House chief of staff John Kelly personally denied calling President Donald Trump an "idiot" in an afternoon conversation with the commander in chief, relaying almost the same statement in his face-to-face talk with the President as the one he released publicly, according to an administration official.

Kelly was reportedly frustrated by the president's public commitment to pull USA troops out of Syria.

Bornstein, who had been Trump's doctor for more than three decades, told NBC News Trump cut ties with him following a New York Times report.

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"The Fake News is going insane making up false stories and using only unnamed sources (who don't exist)".

Officials: Kelly criticized Trump's lack of knowledge about DACA, calling him an idiot about it. "Truly bad people!", Trump tweeted.

He further added, "The White House is running very smoothly despite phony Witch Hunts etc", and that, "there is great Energy and unending Stamina, both necessary to get things done".

Tensions between Kelly and Trump have been brewing for weeks if not months. We are accomplishing the unthinkable and setting positive records while doing so!

"There have been discussions among the senior staff and the president directly about the possibility of Gen. Kelly going there [to the VA]", said one person familiar with the situation, according to Fox News.

A White House spokesman denied Kelly was being considered for VA, and the administration has consistently denied that Kelly's job is at risk.

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