Oklahoma teachers absent from school for 2nd day to protest

Oklahoma teachers absent from school for 2nd day to protest

The plan also restored $254 million in money for school buses that the state's Republican governor had proposed eliminating. They are threatening to strike if their demands are not met. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said last week that a pay raise will not happen this year. They're also anxious about cuts to education funding that they say have compromised the quality of education available to Oklahoma students.

The Oklahoma teachers are not the only ones unhappy.

Thousands of teachers took to the streets of Kentucky and Oklahoma on Monday, rallying in the latest show of force by angry U.S. educators demanding better pay and more funding for public schools.

Teachers asked the legislature for $2.46 for each student per day.

"As for the desks, I'm more fortunate than most I guess". "It was a continued march for five hours around the capitol while others went in to talk to legislators".

On Twitter, user jamiebh73 shared a photo of a textbook from her daughter's eighth-grade history class in Owasso. "It's a lack of respect", she said.

The cuts in Oklahoma also had dire consequences for schools.

Many teachers believe this is not enough and this is what is inspiring them to voice their concerns.

"I think in a worst case scenario, protection on the side of the good guys is much preferable to nothing", Coody said. "It's the first one in a long time, but they're not just here for that", Simeroth said. On Friday, teachers shut down a number of schools by calling in sick in what was described as a "sickout" on social media. They buy books and supplies anyway.

"The majority of my students were 3 years old when these were adopted". Desiree DeVine, the Childcare Site Director, said some of those kids laying down to rest would normally be in school as well.

So despite school cancellations and even the risk of discipline from some districts, teachers say they won't budge.

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Oklahoma joins other red states where teachers are rebelling after years of austerity.

Mary Fallin signing legislation increasing taxes on cigarettes, fuel and oil and gas production to provide teachers with raises of about $6,100 a year, or 15 to 18 percent. Restore funding for education.

"These measures finally ensure Oklahoma's dedicated, hard-working public schoolteachers receive well-deserved, competitive pay".

In response to the protests, budget negotiators in the Kentucky Legislature unveiled a spending plan Monday that includes increased spending for the main funding formula for K-12 schools, the AP reported. About 20 percent of Oklahoma's school districts have moved to a four-day week to save costs. "Copies are limited in schools to maybe 30 a week". "We must be responsible not to neglect other areas of need in the state such as corrections and health and human services as we continue to consider additional education funding measures".

Schools across Oklahoma shuttered on Monday as teachers demonstrated there, and classrooms were not expected to reopen for at least another day.

"I need new textbooks".

"There's no way I can give 180 kids my full attention and know what's going on in their lives and love them like I should", Ryan said.

"We have to represent what we do", he told the Lexington Herald-Leader. "We're going to say that our legislature started the process and they have a moral obligation to invest in our children and our children's future". Teachers are using their own paychecks to keep stretching resources.

"And I feel like we're at the bottom again". For myself, a raise sounds great, but this walkout for me was never about that.

High school literature books now used by students in Sarah Jane Scarberry's classroom at Heavener High School in Heavener, Oklahoma.

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