Poland to host U-20 football World Cup in 2019

Poland to host U-20 football World Cup in 2019

FIFA's President Gianni Infantino, who attended the meeting said, 'We hope and encourage a favorable decision in this respect because we are very positive about VAR'. But that has caused considerable confusion in countries where the system has been trialled even though there is clear evidence that most game-changing incidents decided by VAR have proved correct.

"It's not possible that, in 2018, everyone in the stadium and their living room knows if a referee has made a big mistake or not, and the only one who doesn't know is the referee".

Infantino said VAR had been shown to reduce the number of refereeing mistakes in matches where it has been used and would help football become "a fairer and more transparent sport".

"We talked about the bidding process for the World Cup in 2026 in which the FIFA Congress in Moscow on 13th June will make a decision", he told a news conference in Bogota.

"I was sceptical at first, but without trying you can not know what it's worth".

What 0ther competitions are set to introduce VAR?

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Other leagues in Europe and around the world have been using, or will be using the technology next season. "With VAR they reach 99%".

IFAB, the universal decision-making body for the laws of football, had at its 132nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) penultimate week in Zurich, Switzerland unanimously approved the use of VARs in all matches.

Meanwhile the technology seems to be causing controversy on the same day of Fifa'a announcement during Spurs' 3-0 FA Cup win over Swansea.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino said, after his side's delays against Rochdale: "We are going to kill emotion in football. I don't want it to be more confusing for everyone".

Leagues governed by Federation Internationale de Football Association aren't required to use VARs at this stage, but they may be more likely to adopt the tech if they see it in action. especially if it keeps their national team in the running. Until now the World Cup hosts were selected exclusively by the football's body Executive Committee.

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