Fortnite mobile is now playable and iOS invites are being sent out

Fortnite mobile is now playable and iOS invites are being sent out

In its current state, the game makes a mixed first impression.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with Android support coming later in 2018. Everything from its huge map and sense of scale to foliage and structures, and even character models translate well onto the smaller screen. First Drake and Travis Scott played the game on Twitch, and now Fortnite has finally been released on Apple's iOS platform.

"We're sending out invites as our services scale up to handle more players with the goal of maintaining a healthy player population", Epic continues. Traversal options like ducking and jumping are present, as is the ability to build structures on the go. They can send out their own invite to the game and get you to skip the waiting list. You'll then be asked if you already play Fortnite.

No other game has attempted this.

It's easy to forget that Fortnite: Battle Royal is a shameless PUBG clone, with all this excitement around Epic Games' title that's now available on mobile devices. A white arc pops up when you're close to another player that's moving around. Gunfire in your general vicinity is displayed as a red arc with its direction pointing you to the location of a firefight.

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Top o' the mornin' to ya, Battle Royale players!

One of the biggest draws to the rapidly expanding Fortnite empire is the fact that the game is so intrinsically fun without the tactical grit and cynicism ingrained into the PUBG experience.

Check back on this page for the latest news on Fortnite's iOS launch. If you want to connect a PS4 controller to your iOS device, you'll have to go through various steps. Sure, you can download it on your device, which requires 2GB of free space by the way, but you can't start playing without an invite from another player or Epic Games itself.

If none of these apply to you and the game still keeps crashing, keep an eye on the Fortnite Twitter. That's what we'll find out as more people get a chance to play: is this Fortnite, or just a mobile version of Fortnite? On the other hand, there's always Fortnite to try out on iPhone in the meantime.

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