Galaxy S9 Samsung Pay Issues To Be Fixed Soon Via Update

Galaxy S9 Samsung Pay Issues To Be Fixed Soon Via Update

The good folks over at iFixit have been ripping apart a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, revealing a few hidden secrets about the brand new flagship phones.

Samsung collaborates with the uBreakiFix fix service to offer same-day repairs for Galaxy phones in the U.S.

Phone owners can schedule an appointment at a uBreakiFix service locations via the company's site or come with the device at the location and require assistance. uBreakiFix service shops use only genuine parts and proprietary Samsung instruments when they do the repairs. To complete the task requires considerable effort.In the end, experts claim that the Samsung Galaxy S9 can not be repaired even in service centre, because the procedure for replacing the screen and battery are so complex as possible. Samsung partnered with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to develop the My BP Lab app for blood pressure measurements on the Galaxy S9, with the app set to launch on the Google Play Store today, March 15th.

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In the process of making the ad, T-Mobile appears to have accidentally set two world records: the longest distance towed behind a blimp, and the fastest text on a touchscreen phone while waterskiing. The program has been initiated in the United States starting today March 15 and the company is planning to expand this program to other markets as well during the year 2018.

While battery replacement is "technically possible", as per the teardowns, Samsung has made it harder than it needs to be. Alternatively, they'll be able to drop their Galaxy smartphone off without an appointment. Those who have received their units early complain that Samsung's mobile payments service isn't working on the new handset. In addition to hardware issues, they'll also be trained to deal with software glitches as well. For the moment, it seems uBreakiFix and Samsung Care will be focusing more on fixing faulty phones than demonstrating value-add features, however.

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