Saudi crown prince welcomed in London amid rights activists protests

Saudi crown prince welcomed in London amid rights activists protests

The United Kingdom is rolling out the red carpet for Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman (known colloquially as MBS), as he begins his first worldwide tour.

May's Conservative government said Mohammed's visit would strengthen co-operation in "tackling worldwide challenges such as terrorism, extremism, the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen and other regional issues".

Protest group Stop the War will hold a rally outside Downing Street at 5.00pm (1700 GMT) on Wednesday to denounce Saudi Arabia's "brutal and illegal bombing" in Yemen and London's support for the Middle Eastern regime. To date, more than 8,000 people have died.

Kinsara is studying film, a major she will be able to use at home this year as Saudi Arabia lifts a 35-year-old ban on cinemas. Anti-war groups want to highlight the billions of dollars of military hardware the United Kingdom has sold to Saudi Arabia since the war in Yemen began.

Britain is Saudi Arabia's second-biggest supplier of defense equipment and London-based based BAE Systems has been waiting for a follow-on order for the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet after the controversial Al-Yamamah sale of 72 of the warplanes in 2006.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have agreed to create a $10 billion joint fund to develop a mega-city in Egypt's southern Sinai Peninsula, with both countries committing more than 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles) of land to the new project.

"Human rights watchdog Reprieve said the number of executions has doubled since bin Salman took power and Saudi Arabia "has been one of the world's top five executing countries" for more than a decade". London taxis display advertising graphics welcoming Prince Mohammed and electronic billboards promote the visit.

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On the first day of the trip, he dined with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and met Prime Minister Theresa May and her ministers in Downing Street.

The United Nations has said the conflict has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with thousands killed and Yemen facing disease and starvation.

"There clearly is evidence of war crimes having being carried out in Yemen by the Saudi air force".

Demonstrators are protesting against Britain for licensing 4.6 billion pounds of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia since 2015.

Labour MP, Chris Williamson, said that Saudi Arabia has breached human rights not only with its military operations in the region but also with its domestic policies. "For the last three years it has prioritised them over the lives of Yemeni people, too".

The prime minister praised Saudi's "ambitious reform program" and offered the U.K.'s support "to progress and intensify these reforms, particularly on women's rights, and on universal human rights", the Downing Street statement said.

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