Google releases Android Things Developer Preview 7

Google releases Android Things Developer Preview 7

Google Lens, which made its debut in Google's flagship smartphone Pixel 2 previous year is a photo analyzing app powered by AI that resides in Google Photos. Google says the calculations will be handled on the device as part of an effort to maintain some privacy for users.

Google's funky new camera party trick, Google Lens, is now available on all Android phones with the Google Photos app installed. According to statistics from Google, in February of 2018 on Android versions 4 and 5 work 42% of all devices connecting to Google Play. Google has officially announced that the Lens feature will be available for the Android users via Photos app. Photos is a preparatory app/platform from Google, which offers unlimited cloud storage for storing standard quality photos and videos.

It means you'll be able to use your phone camera to translate foreign-language signs or menus, identify dog breeds, and learn about famous buildings or monuments. That technology will let your device get your specific location based on information gathered from Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Google Lens can do more than just telling you about when a monument was built and what are its opening hours.

How does Google Lens work?

Previously, Google Lens was only available for Pixel phones. With Pixel 2, the search giant integrated stronger AI abilities in the camera's feature. You will be able to use Smart Replies, stickers and images directly from within a notification when responding. Try to explore things around you and tell us your experience in the comments.

Google wants to make sure that these new Android devices are fully supported in Android P, so it has added "display cutout" support and new APIs to properly render apps around the notch. After picking the photo, tap on the Google Lens icon bar which is located next to the delete bin.

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