Vladimir Putin Brags About New Russian Nuclear Weapon

Vladimir Putin Brags About New Russian Nuclear Weapon

Vladimir Putin is calling on the U.S.to release evidence of Moscow's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Putin pointedly highlighted new systems that would circumvent BMD capabilities such as long-range cruise missiles and a hypersonic glide vehicle.

The president usually delivers the annual speech in the Kremlin but this year spoke from a nearby exhibition center - allowing him to show a series of slick video montages of missiles maneuvering across mountains and oceans, and heading over the Atlantic.

"We would consider any use of nuclear weapons against Russian Federation or its allies to be a nuclear attack on our country", Mr. Putin said.

"I need to see what they did give us these materials, please provide us with information".

President Putin rebuffed accusations by Western media outlets that he was starting a new arms race.

Putin said in an interview with NBC News' Megyn Kelly that he can not know whether Russian law was violated and would need to "first see what they've done". Trump's campaign is being investigated by Mueller following allegations that it aided Russian Federation.

Putin presented Russia's military efforts as a response to actions by the United States, which last month unveiled plans to revamp its own nuclear arsenal and develop new low-yield atomic weapons.

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"No one really wanted to talk to us basically". "You listen to us now".

When asked about the White House reaction to Putin's speech, Trump's press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president "understands the threats facing America and our allies in this century and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength".

Nearly half of his almost two-hour speech was dedicated to the country's latest weaponry.

He added: "For the foreseeable future, it looks that the US-Russia agenda will be limited to just one item: war prevention".

"They know very well that it's not about them".

During a video demonstration of the new missile, what appeared to be the state of Florida was used in a graphic showing a missile attack.

"No maps were used there, these are absolutely symbolic contours, there is not any tie-up to any concrete country", he said. The position he expressed during an interview with NBC News, an excerpt of which was posted on the channel's website.

Putin set a slew of ambitious economic goals, vowing to boost living standards, improve health care and education and build modern infrastructure in a state-of-the-nation address.

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