Air Force Deploys More Assets To Search For Dapchi Schoolgirls

Air Force Deploys More Assets To Search For Dapchi Schoolgirls

The Nigerian government on Sunday confirmed that 110 girls were missing after a Boko Haram school attack in the northeast, following days of silence on the children's fate.

Ezekwesili's group and others have criticised the government for not immediately addressing the Dapchi kidnapping and muddling an already chaotic situation after the attack, which scattered hundreds of students and teachers as they ran for their lives. I know you are working closely with them.

Emerging facts show that principal actors in the negotiation with Boko Haram's two factions include the government of Switzerland, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), other international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), security and counter-terrorism consultants, others in the shadowy world of subterfuge and of course, Nigerian government officials.

Nigeria's president has said no effort will be spared to locate them.

Residents said the militants attacked the town last week, demanding directions to the girls' school and sending many fleeing into the surrounding bush amid the hail of gunfire.

TheCable reports that Abubakar confessed to being one of the brains behind the kidnap of over 200 girls at a girls secondary school in Chibok, Borno state as well as the Buni Yadi massacre of secondary school students.

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"We must get back the girls and also ensure that this does not happen again, " he said. When our daughters were abducted in Chibok, only God understood how I felt and I can imagine how you also feel, and the trauma you are going through.

"Nigerians have been in shock over revelations by the Yobe State governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Gaidam, that the abduction was preceded by withdrawal of troops around Dapchi, thereby rendering the area defenceless and paving the way for insurgents to attack and abduct our girls. They withdrew the military personnel last week, which was not even known to us", he said.

On Tuesday, many students who had been hiding started trickling back to the school. And I was made to understand this morning that the defence ministry was disputing; that they did not withdraw anyone.

The group's secretary, Kachalla Bukar, told CNN that his 14-year-old daughter was also missing.

It said the administration caused the incident as the military was withdrawn prior to the abdudction. However, we believe some of the pains being endured by the federal government are self inflicted by its self defeating propaganda of claiming premature victories in the battle against Boko Haram, one of which was the so-called rout of Boko Haram from Sambisa forest.

The least we should expect to have been learnt from Chibok is the imperative of harmonising and processing official information and statistical detailing for concerted dissemination.

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