Russian Federation tests new Su-57 stealth fighter over war-weary Syrian skies

Russian Federation tests new Su-57 stealth fighter over war-weary Syrian skies

The comments by Defense Department spokeswoman Dana White on February 22, 2018, add another piece to the puzzle surrounding the February 7 incident, which Moscow said this week caused dozens of casualties among fighters from Russia and other former Soviet republics but did not involve uniformed Russian troops.

Moscow intervened in the Syrian conflict in September 2015 and officials from Israel and Russian Federation meet regularly to discuss the de-confliction mechanism implemented a system over Syria to coordinate their actions in order avoid accidental clashes in Syrian airspace.

"Russia has deployed pretty much everything in its arsenal in Syria, whether they're prototypes or heavy strategic bombers in absurdly inefficient strike paths all around Western Europe and through the Mediterranean" to strike targets in Syria, said Bronk.

"What I can tell you is that we used our deconfliction phone line, and we used it before, during, and after the strike".

This is the first time the planes have been seen in Syria and it is unclear if Russian Federation plans to use them in attacks, as they are still going through developmental stages.

An unknown number of Russian nationals were killed in US airstrikes in Syria on February 7 after around 300 fighters attacked USA troops stationed near a strategic oil field. But the Russian government has distanced itself from the incident and its public comments have been subdued. The video has allegedly been recorded near the Khmeimim Air Base.

Screenshot of Russian soldiers in the Syrian desert.

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Leaked information about modern fighters came through images broadcast by Russian military movements on social media before being confirmed by military sources.

A Russian tycoon believed to control Russian mercenaries who attacked United States troops and Kurd allies in Deir Ezzor told Syrian officials he would give Bashar al-Assad a "good surprise" days ahead of the assault, the Washington Post has reported.

Moscow and Washington coordinate their air and ground operations against the Islamic State (IS) group in this zone.

Putin presented a Gold Star medal of the Hero of Russian Federation to the family of Major Roman Filipov, a military pilot who died heroically fighting terrorists in Syria on February 3.

Russian Federation has been lending aerial support to Syria upon a request by Damascus since September 2015. The Wagner group is officially a private defense firm in Russian Federation, but many suspect that, given the oligarch's close ties with Putin, it works to some degree in conjunction with Russia's Ministry of Defense.

But if they are there, the Pentagon said it is not happy.

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