Cyril Ramaphosa vows to tackle corruption as South Africa's president

Cyril Ramaphosa vows to tackle corruption as South Africa's president

The police ministry says police are seeking another five suspects in a probe of a dairy project in which state funds earmarked for local farmers allegedly were siphoned off to a company tied to the Gupta family. But they did not include any of the best-known Gupta brothers - Ajay, Atul and Rajesh.

Zuma and the Guptas have always denied wrongdoing. He said the issue of corruption and mismanagement is on "our radar screen" and that one of his first aims is to meet rival party leaders so that "we can try and find a way of working together".

Ramaphosa, a wealthy former businessman, will deliver his first State of the Nation address on Friday.

He is most likely to be the next presidential candidate as well.

It comes after the former President Jacob Zuma resigned his position last night.

"He's got a very hard task on his hands, both in terms of that and in terms of rooting out corruption, but I think that South Africans have a great deal to look forward to".

The Economic Freedom Fighters have called the ANC president's election as state leader illegitimate.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng then took over from Mbete to preside over the election process, and after reading out the rules, called for nominations.

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The country's parliament was poised to remove the 75-year-old leader on Thursday and replace him with deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.

The story goes that he was so upset at not having been chosen by Nelson Mandela as his successor that he left politics and went into business. The industrialist and multimillionaire does not represent the common people, but South Africa's victorious elite. He said his priority is to revive the country's economy, which will be a tough task with South African unemployment at about 30 percent, and almost 40 percent for young people.

Zuma resigned in a nationally televised address late Wednesday after the ANC instructed him to step down or face a parliamentary motion of no confidence that he would nearly certainly lose.

Ramaphosa faces an uphill battle in revitalising growth, creating jobs and stamping out a culture of graft in a nation still polarised by race and inequality more than two decades after the end of white-minority rule.

The claim incensed safe-sex campaigners - not least because Mr Zuma was head of the country's Aids council at the time. The South African currency, the rand, reaching its strongest levels in three years - at 11.6570 rand for $US1 in early trading.

Some will miss him though, pointing to achievements like announcing the abolition of fees for higher education, BBC Johannesburg correspondent Milton Nkosi said.

Proceedings began just after 14:00, when National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete confirmed to the House that she had indeed received a resignation from Zuma on Thursday morning.

The executive chairperson of South Africa's Democracy Works Foundation non-profit organization also told Sputnik that if Ramaphosa takes office he would fight against corruption in the nation in order to meet expectations of his compatriots.

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