Solidarity with Kashmiris in Brussels

Solidarity with Kashmiris in Brussels

Protest rally was held at Public Park in Sibi on Kashmir Solidarity Day under the leadership of the district chairman, Malik Qayem udin Dheyal against the oppression of Kashmiri brothers.

He said brutal force and propaganda cannot gag the voice of freedom, nor it can alter Pakistan's resolute and principled stance on Kashmir. "We welcome the worldwide monitoring teams to our centres".

He stressed that durable and peaceful solution of Kashmir issue is essential for bringing stability in South Asia and is pivotal to fully benefit from the collective and human resources of the region.

Pakistan is observing Kashmir Day today (Monday) to express solidarity and wholehearted support of the nation to just struggle of Kashmiri people for their inalienable right to self-determination under UN resolutions.

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The Pakistani leadership called upon the global community to urge India to respect the Human Rights Charter, put an immediate end to "gross human rights violations" in Kashmir.

Pakistan astute diplomat and former permanent representative for the United Nation's Geneva headquarters Zamir Akram has maintained that Pakistan-India friendship is not possible as long Kashmir dispute isn't resolved fairly since India is not even ready so far to accept the existence of Pakistan. By condemning the genocide of Kashmiris committed by Indian Occupation forces, the participants also paid great tribute to the courageous people of the valley.

According to the Pakistan Railways, special posters regarding rights of Kashmiri people and Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir were displayed on four trains.

Kashmiris considered themselves Pakistani and wanted to live under the Pakistani flag, he added.

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