What to Know About the Deadly Amtrak Crash in SC

What to Know About the Deadly Amtrak Crash in SC

There were approximately 148 people aboard the Amtrak Train 91, including 139 passengers and eight crew members. The passenger line says the lead engine derailed, as well as some passenger cars.

- March 14, 2016: An Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed in southwest Kansas, sending five cars off the tracks and injuring at least 32 people.

A seat came loose due to the crash and hit Dorsey, 43, in the legs, Neblett said.

"Me and him always talked about this.something happening", said Rich Kempf, who lives in Mesa, Ariz.

Authorities said it was not immediately clear why the two trains collided near Cayce, South Carolina. Train safety expert Richard Beall said the cause is likely one of three things: a track problem, a fault with the train itself or a crew error.

The engineer said he saw mileposts 16 and 17, but did not recall seeing milepost 18 or the 30-mph advance speed sign two miles before the curve, the NTSB said.

They were reportedly taken to a nearby middle school in Cayce.

"It's a blessing to be alive", said Larkin.

"I literally thought it was a bomb".

Second accident of Amtrak in a Week and third in a month.


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A CNN investigation found that engineers and conductors had warned their supervisors that they did not feel adequately trained on the new route, according to more than a dozen sources.

Andre Neblett, who played for the Panthers from 2010 to 2012, spoke with his mother Tronia Dorsey after the crash, the AP reported. "We picked her up this morning around 4 a.m. right after it happened".

"They weren't supposed to be meeting, clearly", McMaster said.

Kinney said she and her boyfriend suffered minor injuries.

He drove in from Charlotte, North Carolina, to retrieve her belongings and added his mother was safely resting later with family after being checked out at a hospital.

Adam Myrick with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department says injuries to other passengers range from small scratches to severe broken bones.

Some passengers called their loved ones in the minutes afterward.

Anderson told reporters on Sunday that the garbage truck bypassed the crossing signals in the Virginia collision. The Amtrak train at the time was passing through an area owned and controlled by CSX.

"It's freaky", said Dan Burkett, who stopped by the Raleigh Amtrak station to drop off a friend. "So yall have to make other accommodations", Winston said.

Both women were banged up and still being treated later Sunday at a hospital and "in a lot of pain", according to Roberts. But I told them, ‘Im not getting on a train.

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