IPhone Users Beware, New iMessage 'Text Bug' Is Freezing Devices

IPhone Users Beware, New iMessage 'Text Bug' Is Freezing Devices

Abraham Masri claimed to have discovered the bug and reported it to Apple, but published the bug's code on software hosting service GitHub on Tuesday after growing frustrated with the company's lack of acknowledgement. Describing how it worked in a blog at the time (translated into English), he wrote: "When your victim clicks on the message, their Messages app will attempt to load a large amount of data".

This bug, while not a security issue, is a problem for Apple following the root access flaw in its High Sierra OS for Mac computers.

"Please don't be tempted to try the text bomb attack out on anyone else - you're not being amusing, you're just being a jerk". This concerning bug causes an iPhone crash when a certain link is sent, and in certain cases may freeze the iPhone or Mac entirely. That said, chaiOS doesn't pose a serious or immediate threat to the stability of the affected device, so it might be a while.

The flaw affects iOS versions 10.0 to 11.2.5 beta 5. It now appears Github banned Masri, effectively taking down the link.

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Masri created a page to test his theory and in the hope of pushing Apple into a fix. The bug typically causes Apple devices to crash and restart.

Back in 2015, hackers discovered the "Effective Power" bug, where texting "effective".

"My GitHub is publicly accessible, so anyone can copy [the code]". But given that it patches the ChaiOS message bug, therefore it's likely that the "fixing" horizon extends to other realms too. On Thursday, Apple said a fix is coming in a software update next week.

TrustedReviews suggests if users have received the link, quit the Messages app, delete the entire conversation thread using either the iPhone, iMac or MacBook.

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