Amazon Echo Spot review

Amazon Echo Spot review

It was announced alongside the redesigned Amazon Echo, a supercharged Amazon Echo Plus and the Amazon Show which was set to come to the United Kingdom for the first time. The Echo Spot, however, does not share the Dot's impulse-buy pricing of £50, instead costing £120 each or £200 for two, available for pre-order today and shipping on 24 January.

The Amazon Echo Spot is launching in the United Kingdom at £120, but the company is now offering a bundle deal that shaves £20 off the regular price, offering two Echo Spot units at £200 when purchased together.

It's a smart alarm, a device to read messages and make video's also lovely looking.

It's certainly something you won't mind having on show in your home and has a better design than the Echo Show.

If you've used any Echo - or Alexa in any form - you won't be surprised to hear that the Echo Spot does everything that the other devices do.

Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show Design: Which is better looking?

This cute ball-shaped smart device not only features an in-built speaker but also includes a 2.5-inch touch display - which means it can show all kinds of useful information.

Amazon Echo Spot review

This echoes the results of a similar study carried out by Salmon in North America, which found eagerness to embrace voice-controlled devices for retail purposes among consumers. The list of Alexa commands, as is evident by Tuesday's announcement, is expansive and growing with every new service or device it supports.

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That's the thing with the Amazon Echo Spot - much like other Echo devices, Amazon wants you to have a multitude of them in your home so you always have access to video chat no matter where you are.

Actually, calling the Echo Spot a smart alarm clock is doing it a disservice. When not in use, Echos screen doubles as a night clock.

Amazon's latest product in its Echo lineup will be coming to the United Kingdom on 24th January. Priced at £119.99, it sounds like quite a jump for a device that essentially adds a display to an Echo Dot (£49.99), but we can't help feeling that the Spot has bags of bedside appeal.

At £199.99/£229.99, the Echo Show is the most expensive Echo now available.

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