Louisiana teacher handcuffed forcibly after asking questions at board meeting

Louisiana teacher handcuffed forcibly after asking questions at board meeting

A teacher in Louisiana was removed from a school board meeting Monday night and put in handcuffs after bringing up teacher salaries. During the public comments period, Hargrave was asked to stop asking questions, and she obeyed.

In the hallway the officer then forces Hargrave to the ground and handcuffs her.

The director of Vermillion Parish schools, of which Rene Rost Middle School is a piece of, told KATC-TV that the school board won't squeeze charges against Hargrave. The disturbing incident took place after Hargrave asked school board members to justify the massive raise while teachers and school employees had reportedly gone without a pay hike in years.

"I am not, you just pushed me to the floor", Hargrave responds.

"We are doing the work, the students are doing the work", Ms. Hargrave continued.

Hargrave later bonded out of the Abbeville jail on charges of "remaining after being forbidden" and resisting an officer, according to KATC. In a longer video posted on YouTube by a reporter for the Abbeville Meridional, the officer is heard telling Hargrave outside the building that he had given her "many lawful orders to leave".

She was taken outside by a police officer, handcuffed, and arrested for resisting arrest.

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As people in the audience agreed with Hargrave, Fontana banged his gavel multiple times and ordered Hargrave to stop talking because the raise "wasn't on the agenda" - promoting several others in the meeting to disagree.

Her issue was the superintendent's new contract.

Longstanding divisions on the eight-member school board preceded the meeting, according to LeBeouf and board member Kibbie Pillette, both of whom said that a new contract for Puyau give him the opportunity to earn as much as $38,000 more per year, while the board hasn't raised teacher salaries in more than a decade. After posing another question, an Abbeville city marshal on duty at the meeting grabbed Hargrave and removed her from the meeting.

She was placed in an Abbeville police patrol vehicle.

The Louisiana Association of Educators who is representing Hargrave released the following statement on the incident denouncing the treatment Hargrave experienced. Any action that infringes upon this right is unlawful and unacceptable.

Hargrave was warned that public comment was not for questions.

It's misty if the marshal got orders from board individuals or in the event that he was following up on his own.

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