Woman sexually assaulted during Spirit flight from Las Vegas to Detroit

Woman sexually assaulted during Spirit flight from Las Vegas to Detroit

A 34-year-old Indian man was arrested for sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman passenger sitting next to him on an overnight Spirit Airlines flight on its way to Detroit from Las Vegas.

Police arrested Prabhu Ramamoorthy as soon as the flight arrived at Detroit Metro Airport Wednesday morning on suspicion of aggravated sexual abuse.

In July 2014, a 19-year-old female traveler on Delta Air Lines on the way to Amsterdam from Detroit two or three years sooner had nodded off midflight, just to wake up and find the man situated alongside her had his hands down her underpants and was caressing her, as per a criminal grievance documented at the time in government court in Detroit.

According to court documents, two flight attendants confirmed that Celia had come to them in tears with her shirt and trousers undone.

Recounting the events that conspired mid-air, The Washington Post reports that the victim had occupied the window seat, the assaulter sat next to her while his wife sat beside him.

Ramamoorthy also allegedly told officials he unzipped her trousers and again attempted to inappropriately touch her but was unsuccessful. After appearing before the federal court in MI, he was held without bail for aggravated sexual abuse. He later told authorities that he had fallen into a deep sleep and did not assault the woman.

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Prabhu apparently stopped touching her when she awoke and opened her eyes around 5.30 am, which was 40 minutes before the plane was to land in Detroit. Jill Leslie Price of the Federal Defender Office, who showed up with Ramamoorthy, said he was eager to have his nation of origin told of the charge.

The wife drew the same story similar story and she added that she approached the flight attendants attempting to change their seats.

Both Ramamoorthy and his wife gave lengthier statements later indicating that the pill Ramamoorthy had taken was "plain Tylenol".

Ramamoorthy's lawyer, Richard O'Neill, offered to turn over his client's passport.

She said the suspect was putting his "fingers in her (genitals) and vigorously moving them". She said her shirt was also "unbuttoned".

A CNN investigation found that FBI investigations into midair sexual assault have jumped by 66 percent from the fiscal year of 2014 to 2017.

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