SNL shows Omarosa trying to break back into the White House

SNL shows Omarosa trying to break back into the White House

Trump then explained he was going to decorate his tree, which Baldwin's Trump called the "tree of shame", with ornaments that had the faces of those who were "haters and losers" this year.

Pence responded in the only way Pence really could, "Oh, I don't like that song because it mentions 'gay apparel'".

The tree-trimming session is interrupted by a sudden rapping at the window. "Because he lied to us, Mr. President, and he acted alone, without our knowledge".

Leslie Jones playing Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former Apprentice star who recently announced she was leaving the White House in January, then appears, banging on the door, an apparent allusion to reports that she had been fired even though she said she resigned.

"You better take my arm, because I'm escorting you out of the studio", Omarosa said to the guard.

Donald Jr and Eric, played by Alex Moffatt and Mikey Day, arrived with a stack featuring a long list of White House exiles - including Reince Preibus, Tom Price, Sebastian Gorka, Carter Page, Preet Bahara, Paul Manafort Sally Yates, and George Papadopoulos among others.

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Making a surprise cameo, Scarlett Johansson appeared to reprise her Ivanka Trump impersonation to present Baldwin with a Roy Moore ornament for the tree.

At the "White House," Johansson's Ivanka tells her father that her husband, Jared Kushner, couldn't be there.

"He's packing a go bag before the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrives", she said.

And in the Weekend Update, Jost discussed Doug Jones defeating Roy Moore by saying, "Congratulation's to Alabama's new Senator, not Roy Moore". "Until he lost. And then I said I thought he would lose", Baldwin's Trump says. "We gotta cut off the head to kill the snake and I should know because I'm a mischievous little mongoose".

McKinnon played Jeff Sessions as the "elf on the shelf". "Merry Christmas! Everybody is going to get away with everything!"

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