Boy's Devastating Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral With Celebrities Offering Support

Parents and grandparents in Union County are asking for change, after watching a viral video of Keaton Jones describing bullying.

He continued, "Just out of curiosity, why do they bully?".

Schilling says he asked her what the money was for, and she reportedly said said "You know, Christmas is coming".

After watching Keaton's video, there's a reality many are thinking of when it comes to his message.

Lam has since posted saying that the funds are meant to go to Keaton, saying "THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MOM!"

"They make fun of my nose".

White and Guarantano were joined by singer Katy Perry and actors Mark Hamill, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo, who each tweeted encouraging words.

Faith in humanity restored.

The expression of support for Jones from Trump Jr., whose oldest child, daughter Kai Madison, is 10 years old, is not all that surprising, given the abundance of children in the Trump family. I think your sooo cool Keaton! This video is heartbreaking! "Verbal, Social (Leaving People Out of Excluding Them), Physical and Cyber-Bullying".

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"I must repeat, this is my only "GoFundMe" account!".

On Instagram, Justin Bieber told Keaton: "You got a friend in me Lil bro!"

I'm no fan of Hollywood and even less impressed with entertainers who rant about policy issues about which they know very little or take pot shots at government employees who bravely stand up and face the press each day.

Fox News host Sean Hannity said: "I will gladly fly them to NYC to be my guests & visit Fox News".

"As many of you know I paused the donations as well as the comments".

Keaton was going home early - not for the first time, Kimberly Jones said - because he was afraid to have lunch at school.

Tennessee Titans football star Delanie Walker offered Keaton tickets to an upcoming game, and even recorded a video of himself reading a poem just for Keaton.

Mr Lam said the driving force behind the fundraising campaign was to help a child who had been the victim of bullying and raise awareness about the prevalence of the problem.

His story echoes that of the 17 per cent of American students who report being bullied two to three times a month or more within a school semester.

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