Kremlin brands Saakashvili's 'illegal border crossing' as political circus

Kremlin brands Saakashvili's 'illegal border crossing' as political circus

The State Migration Service has said that Saakashvili had submitted incorrect information when he applied for citizenship in 2015. The former Georgian president, who left office after two terms, contends those claims are politically motivated. He has the full right to return to Ukraine, where he was illegally stripped of his citizenship.

He then hopped into a auto bound for the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, where supporters greeted him on his arrival, the AFP news agency reported. "A forceful breach of the Ukrainian border is a crime and those who were involved in the organization of this breach should be held responsible", Groysman wrote on Facebook.

The former Georgian president broke through Ukrainian guards with the help of hundreds of supporters.

Commenting on the illegal crossing of the Ukrainian state border by former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, Petro Poroshenko expressed a hope that Saakashvili would be just as zealous to return to his homeland. The reason for the delay was due to Ukraine's resistance to let the train with Saakashvili on board into the country. "When we got on a bus (after breaking through a police cordon) the police came and stole my passport... I have no idea where it is now".

"It looks like he is getting rid of a political opponent and no matter how many times he says that I am not a danger to him, every action of his shows exactly the opposite, that he regards me as a great and immediate danger", he said.

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There were scuffles at the border between Saakashvili's supporters and border officials, Ukraine says. "There always must be legal responsibility", Poroshenko said in televised remarks on Monday.

The Kyiv Post confirms that Saakashvili is now in a hotel in Lviv, guarded by "about 70 fully uniformed soldiers of the Donbas battalion" who answer to Saakashvili allies. He was barred from entry after Poroshenko had suddenly revoked his Ukrainian passport in July when he was on a trip to the U.S. Saakashvili gave up his Georgian citizenship to take the job, where he rapidly began sweeping anti-corruption activities. "There are children here, there are ordinary Ukrainian citizens who want to get home". Saakashvili resigned in November 2016, over a disagreement with Poroshenko, BBC and AFP reported.

"Odessa will only develop once Kiev is freed from these corrupt politicians, who are sheltered by banditry and lawlessness", he added, calling those in the government elite "corrupt filth".

His supporters at the border crossing on Sunday claimed he had the ability to deal with Ukraine's corruption, overcome its oligarchy and end Ukraine's three-year eastern border region war with Russian Federation.

"Fighting for power, Saakashvili's supporters are destroying the state..."

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