Fargo police: Body of missing woman found in river

Fargo police: Body of missing woman found in river

Todd says the body, which was wrapped in plastic, was first spotted by kayakers who notified authorities.

An abandoned farmstead was also being searched in neighboring Clay County, Minnesota, after suspicious items found there by property owners indicated it might be a crime scene, Todd said.

The couple's court appearance came after Greywind, who lived downstairs from Crews and Hoehn with her parents was reported missing August 19 after failing to return from Crews' apartment.

Greywind's mother, Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind, said her daughter had texted her to say she was heading to the neighbor's apartment to help model a dress for a fitting before she went missing.

The charges against Crews and Hoehn are now only state charges, but could be elevated to the federal level.

Investigators would not say whether the baby was born by natural birth or if LaFontaine-Greywind had a c-section, which would indicate fetal abduction.

The two suspects in Savanna Greywind's disappearance and murder appeared by video in court to hear the new charges against them.

Two individuals believed to be involved in the death of Savanna Greywind have been charged in Cass County District Court, according to Cass County State's Attorney Birch Burdick. In that case, Hoehn was charged with pushing Crews into a bathtub during an argument in the same apartment where Greywind was last seen.

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Fargo Police said they would hold a press conference later Sunday night with more details on the situation.

Two suspects in the death of a pregnant woman in North Dakota will face three charges including conspiracy to commit murder, a prosecutor said Monday.

On Thursday, police found a healthy newborn baby inside that neighbor's apartment.

Initially the couple were cooperative with investigators, confirming the newborn was Greywind's, but stopped when asked what had happened to Greywind.

That claim contradicted what Hoehn told police. Crews tells police she showed Greywind how to induce labor, and then the mom came back and gave up custody of her baby.

Police executing a search warrant for the home of Crews and Hoehn found a 2-day-old baby girl at that residence and DNA testing proved that it is Greywind's baby.

Hoehn's criminal history includes a 2012 conviction in Grand Forks County for child neglect or abuse and a 2016 conviction in Cass County for simple assault-domestic violence. The baby was taken to a medical facility for treatment.

"It breaks my heart", Matheny said.

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