Person 'neutralised' after Brussels soldiers attacked by knife man

Person 'neutralised' after Brussels soldiers attacked by knife man

Intelligence figures in Britain suggested that the attack was not against the royal family but instead against the unarmed police guarding the outside of the building.

Witness Freddie Martin told Sky News the suspect was resuscitated at the scene before being put into an ambulance.

Police in Belgium and Britain were yesterday investigating two attempted knife attacks on security forces by assailants who allegedly shouted "Allahu akbar" before being stopped. State officials later described the man as a "mentally unstable person".

The assailant deliberately drove his auto towards a police vehicle in a restricted area outside the world-famous palace at around 8.35pm local time. "The police said he had been shot by soldiers", said Thomas da Silva Rosa, a public affairs consultant.

Police searched his home in Bruges overnight as the investigation into his motives and any possible network continues. The man was not known for terrorist activities.

The Queen usually spends August in Scotland at her Balmoral estate with family members.

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Hours later, a similar incident occurred outside of Buckingham Palace in London, England.

Another said: 'Heard two bangs and loads of sirens in Brussels, anyone know what's happening?' The attacker was a Somali at the age of 30.

The lone attacker was shot dead by police Friday evening.

After the attack was stopped, he was taken to hospital, where he died.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement Saturday that the man was known to police for assault charges, but had no previous terror-related offenses. As reports Reuters referring to the Belgian Prosecutor's office, previously he had not been seen associating with extremists.

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