Taylor Swift Testifies Against DJ Accused Of Groping

Taylor Swift Testifies Against DJ Accused Of Groping

Swift's team told KYGO officials about the incident, and the station fired Mueller two days later after its own investigation. Coomer called it a lie.

The trial centres on a photograph in which Taylor, the DJ and his then-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, are seen smiling together backstage at the Pepsi Center.

Mueller has sued Swift, claiming he was falsely accused and lost his job.

Taylor Swift has wrapped up her testimony in a civil trial over whether a former radio DJ groped her before a 2013 concert.

Though Mueller did not appear to pose Swift any danger, Dent said, "I thought it was a violation of her body". I felt him grab on to my ass cheek under my skirt'.

To this Swift replied, "Your client could have taken a normal photo with me". "We are a big group of creative woman who are supporting her as an artist and we love what she does", she said.

Mueller testified his hand was touching Swift's skirt after he put his arm around her and their arms got crossed: "My hand was at rib-cage level and apparently it went down".

(7) McFarland questioned why no one witnessed Mueller grabbing Swift's backside.

The singer was testifying for the first time yesterday in a case involving David Mueller.

"I was upset to the point where I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time", Andrea testified.

Taylor Swift Testifies In Court Over DJ Who Allegedly Touched Her Inappropriately

"Resolution of this counterclaim will demonstrate that Mueller alone was the perpetrator of the humiliating and wrongful conduct targeted against Ms".

"Gabe, this is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt, with his hand on my ass", Swift said to Mueller's attorney, Gabe McFarland, referring to a photo taken during the meet-and-greet.

Mueller denies groping Swift and sued her and her team for causing him to be fired for his job. Swift countersued for assault and battery, and is asking for $1.

She said she didn't notice anything untoward during the photo shoot, and later Mueller never changed his denials about the alleged groping.

The photographer at the meet-and-greet, Stephanie Simbeck, testified Thursday that she also witnessed the alleged groping. On Thursday she was joined by more family and associates in the presence of her brother Austin Swift and publicist Tree Paine.

'It was a definite grab.

Wednesday's testimony highlighted an initial attempt to keep the encounter in Denver out of the spotlight.

Taylor Swift is fighting a historic court battle against DJ David Mueller. "It was just destroying her that she said that..."

The ex-radio personality, David Mueller, lost his job after the incident went public and sued the singer for $3 million Dollars in damages. "But in the larger discussion about sexual assault, as we've seen, justice can be selective".

While some members of the public have happily bowed at her brogued feet, others have simply refused to buy into the star's "wholesome" image.

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